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Our services

We offer easy service to pick-up your new furnitures, other items and to move your stuff from one location to another one. Our offer includes two men and vat. We transport furnitures and other items which can be moved with two men without any special equipments. We don’t move pianos, big cabinets or other heavy items.

Pick-up & delivery

Base price 50-80e

Delivery service for second hand furnitures and other items.

Point-to-point -transportation

Ask offer!

When you need to transport your items from one location to another.

Long distance transportation

Ask offer!

When you need to transport your items further. Usually not suitable for just one item.

We offer our moving service for small one room / studio apartment movings. We give you offer based on furnitures, number of boxes, locations, floors and other attributes. Our offer include two men, plastic wrappings for furnitures and vat.

Small studio apartment movings

Ask offer!

For local movings in Tampere area and long distance movings to whole Finland.

We offer pick-up service for your old, broken on useless furnitures and other items. Our recycling service includes two men, recycling fee and vat.

One furniture / item

Base price 50-80e

For one normal sized furniture or small ammount of useless items.

”Trailer load”

Base price 125-250e

For 2-4 m³ load of furnitures or useless items in bags or boxes.

XL -pick-up

Ask offer!

When you need big, 12 m³ recycling pick-up for your old furnitures, useless stuff or other items.

Send us message and tell how we can help. What items you want transport? If possible, add images of items.

We give you offer based on attributes of that job (what items, locations, floors, elevators, etc.).

We give you date for your transport and 1-2 hours time window for pick-up.

We send you message when we leave to pick-up (and to delivery) location.

We pick up yours items and deliver them. We take care of load-in and load-out with two men.

When pick-up (or delivery) is completed, you can pay with credit card or cash. Please reserve exact amount when use cash, we don’t carry change.

Payment methods

You can pay when pick-up (or delivery) is completed. We prefer payment with credit card. When you use cash, please reserve exact amount.

Credit card


Secondary method

Payment link

Secondary method

Send message and ask offer!